Alpha and omega are the first, and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Whenever processing a lot of information we tend to remember the first, and last things the most. Why is that? Why is the first and last thing we think about in the day such a big deal? I mean no one says “Oh I was thinking about it at 2:47pm.” Depending on it’s relevance it shouldn’t matter what time of the day it pops into our head. This blog talks about the big stuff (the first and last things we think about) and everything else in between (2:47pm). We’re all just trying to figure it out aren’t we? The real underlining question here is, what is “it”? -I’m glad you asked, because chances are that your answer is different than mine. So far I have realized for me,”It” is to take pictures and write. I enjoy sharing what I have to say with the world because after all, we make this planet what it is with all of our ideas cultivating together. I travel to areas that allow me to look at things in a different light. I hope this blog provides you with new ideas for your next adventure in my travel portion, or maybe even help brighten your day with my perceptions column. Even if you’re just bored after you binged watched your favorite show on Netflix, and now are left to think about that last episodes cliff hanger until next year, I hope my page serves as some kind of purpose for you. Writing, travel, and photography bring me utter euphoria, and I aspire to help you find out what that may be for you. So let’s raise a glass in honor of our individual journey’s, and in figuring out what “it” really means to all of us.