The Price of Selflessness

"Stop Thinking About What Could Have Been & Start Accepting What Is" These words may seem cliche and honestly they are because whenever it comes to experiences that aren't ideal for us, we are always told to follow this mantra. We try to incorporate these words in our daily lives but subconsciously we don't always … Continue reading The Price of Selflessness



  To those who always have something to say, But just don’t know how to say it. To those who mean well, But are always misunderstood. To those who have been through hell, But have come back stronger. To those who put themselves in a bad mood, All because they think too much. Know this- … Continue reading Reminders

Everything But Ordinary

When you walk into a room and, Your presence fills the ambiance with elegance and grace. The words you speak make the world turn their heads, Everyone has ideas, But we can't seem to validate their relevance. But your ideas speak for themselves with no validation needed. I wish I could see the world the way … Continue reading Everything But Ordinary

Raw Emotion

I feel sad. because today, today I am going to walk away from something that has brought me so much, so much happiness, yet an inexplicable amount of pain. I have sat down and allowed myself to feel every emotion, allowed myself to feel so deeply, that I may truly understand, truly understand, what is … Continue reading Raw Emotion

Pattern of the Millennials

 Somehow there is never anything to wear in a closet full of clothes, Not enough TV shows to watch on over 1,000 stations, An Inadequate amount of attention to fill the void, even with hundreds of followers on social media, *It upsets me. & you know what I've noticed? *It's okay to be angry; Things … Continue reading Pattern of the Millennials