Green Symbiosis

Here we are,
Surrounded by nature,
A place where we feel most at peace,
Besides when we are with each other,
A perfect Symbiosis.
An inexplicable feeling of euphoria,
& people ask us how we do it.
How we always find time to go lengths,
Just to be outside.
But the truth is
It IS Easy Being Green!
Especially when you love it,
& most of all,
Love the company that it comes with it.

Off Roading

Photo Credit: [instagram] @bry90s




To those who always have something to say,

But just don’t know how to say it.

To those who mean well,

But are always misunderstood.

To those who have been through hell,

But have come back stronger.

To those who put themselves in a bad mood,

All because they think too much.

Know this-

Being well spoken is not a measure of sincerity.

Just because you say things with eloquence,

Does not imply that you mean them.

Know that-

You don’t need the approval of others,

 To validate that you have a good soul.


 Not everyone gets up after a hardship,

Let alone become stronger from it,

But you did.

& lastly know that-

It’s okay to think too much.

It just means you are aware.

But remember to take a step back when these thoughts,

Start to hurt you.

When they begin to take away from who you are,

& who you are trying to be.

When you start to feel your mind take over,


Because you,

Out of all people,

Deserve to be happy.

Everything But Ordinary

When you walk into a room,
Your presence fills the ambiance with elegance and grace.
The words you speak make the world turn their heads,
Everyone has an idea,
But no one knows for sure.
We can’t quite put our finger on it.
How you can see everything for what it really is,
And still not let it taint your optimistic perceptions.
How you’re so thankful for your past,
Even the times that have brought you harm,
Yet still so eager for the future.
I wish I was like you.
Instead of the unknown terrifying you,
It drives you.
We are all drawn to whatever it is that makes you,
& I’m starting to realize,
It’s because you’re everything but

Raw Emotion

I feel sad.

because today,

today I am going to walk away from something that has brought me so much,

so much happiness,

yet an inexplicable amount of pain.

I have sat down and allowed myself to feel every emotion,

allowed myself to feel so deeply,

that I may truly understand,

truly understand,

what is best for me

and what is best for what I am letting go,

You see there are things we don’t understand,

and things we choose not to,

Its important to know the difference between the two,

in order to make a bold decision you must first,

teach yourself what you do not understand,

and second,

accept the things that at one point,  you chose not to,

but behind all of this confusion,

I see a silver lining,

a small light in the distance,

it’s not much,

but it’s still something,

a small flame lighting up a dark room,

an inkling of hope,

that one day,

one day I will find my way to that light,

find my way back to the happiness I once felt

I know i’ll find my way back,

and when I do,

it will be the right time.

When there is no more room for pain,

just love.

You see, if there is a breeze in that dark room,

that flame has potential to go out,

but if you wait to light the flame at the right time,

when the breeze is absent,

that flame will last.

and it will be beautiful.


What makes us Lucky?

Some might argue it’s finding an extra 5 dollars in your pocket or

Running into someone that completely changed your perception of what life really is

Getting the job over the other guy that was WAY more overqualified than you were.


I think that’s pretty lucky.

But ultimately Luck to me is something that you create within yourself

Now if this post wasn’t enough of a cliche already, get ready for it

Without the letter U, the word luck would’nt even be remotely close to the same word

In fact it wouldn’t even pass as a word.

Just letters.

Like they say “There is no I in team”

There’s no luck without the letter “U”.

And even though luck doesn’t start with “U”, it still makes the word what it is.

If you have a hard time finding luck, or consider yourself “unlucky”

What can yoU do to change that?

What can YoU do to remove yourself from this reoccurring Pattern

We all have to deal with the hand we are dealt, whether we like it or not.

But what people don’t unerstand is that more than often, we are able to choose what cards we play with.

We are able to chose what situations and what goals we want to achieve.

Even if it doesnt turn out the way we want, we know what to do next time to make it better.

Granted, there are always things that we have no control over that happen,

But it’s up to us to learn from them

& create our own lUck.

Pattern of the Millennials

 Somehow there is never anything to wear in a closet full of clothes,
Not enough TV shows to watch on over 1,000 stations,
An Inadequate amount of attention to fill the void, even with hundreds of followers on social media,
*It upsets me.
& you know what I’ve noticed?
*It’s okay to be angry;
Things only got this bad because we let them.
*We didn’t question,
We just accepted that things were just going to be this way now & we should evolve with the world around us.
But we aren’t evolving-
*We’re stuck.
Stuck In our own heads thinking there isn’t enough & that there will never BE enough;
Because something better will always be out there.
But that’s where we are wrong.
Our society influenced us to construct a defective illusion in our heads of what being “enough” really is, so in the end we always end up wanting more.

We have allowed ourselves to be accustomed to this Pattern


This now, a way of life,


 So many people fall short of others approval because today;
*Nothing is enough.
Image is everything & it won’t change..
*Because we won’t change.


It’s so hard not to be Nervous these days.

I’m always on the fence about everything..

When did this become a thing?

When did everything become so unsure?

It feels like we are all walking around with blindfolds on, hoping we don’t run into something.

We do as we are told.

Go to school, try to get a good job

Try to be a good person.

Be a part of the status quo.

Put the blindfold on, & just go on with life.

Just like everyone else.

Nothing is promised.

So you start to panic;

Starting to doubt & wonder if it is all worth it.

It’s okay though, because it’s just a part of the process.

You know feeling nervous is just a sensation caused by your nerves.

A bodily function.

But it’s reversible, if you just breath.

& take the blindfold off.