To those who always have something to say,

But just don’t know how to say it.

To those who mean well,

But are always misunderstood.

To those who have been through hell,

But have come back stronger.

To those who put themselves in a bad mood,

All because they think too much.

Know this-

Being well spoken is not a measure of sincerity.

Just because you say things with eloquence,

Does not imply that you mean them.

Know that-

You don’t need the approval of others,

 To validate that you have a good soul.


 Not everyone gets up after a hardship,

Let alone become stronger from it,

But you did.

& lastly know that-

It’s okay to think too much.

It just means you are aware.

But remember to take a step back when these thoughts,

Start to hurt you.

When they begin to take away from who you are,

& who you are trying to be.

When you start to feel your mind take over,


Because you,

Out of all people,

Deserve to be happy.

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