Green Symbiosis

Here we are,
Surrounded by nature,
A place where we feel most at peace,
Besides when we are with each other,
A perfect Symbiosis.
An inexplicable feeling of euphoria,
& people ask us how we do it.
How we always find time to go lengths,
Just to be outside.
But the truth is
It IS Easy Being Green!
Especially when you love it,
& most of all,
Love the company that it comes with it.

Off Roading

Photo Credit: [instagram] @bry90s


Tree Tunnel of Solitude

There are people everywhere.

& everyday that goes by, I notice more, and MORE.

Like where are all these people going at 1pm?

Don’t they work?

Wait why aren’t those kids in school?

Don’t these people have priorities?


Don’t get me wrong I like where I live, but I would probably love it if I could actually find a parking spot downtown.

Annnd I’m stuck in traffic.. again.. for the third time today…

It’s okay. Breath. Your almost there.


Okay Breathing, Just one last turn and…




Chaos Photo Challenge: Pt. 1


This picture was taken on my iPhone 4 three years ago, and it’s times like these when I wish I had a good camera. Although, you don’t need a good camera in order to understand the Chaos this photo portrays.

I was two days from turning eighteen, sitting at home scrolling through my social media, bummed that I was too young to attend the Beyond Wonderland event. If only my birthday was a couple days sooner I could’ve been there I thought.

In the midst of my sulk fest, I get a call from my best friend.

“Hey what’re you doing?”

– “Sitting at home having a blast, what’s up?”

“Get dressed, I’m coming to pick you up in ten minutes. We’re going to beyond.”

-“But we don’t have tickets, or ID’s that say we’re eighteen..”

“I know.” *Hangs up*

We got to the venue, and saw two people exiting, we asked if they still had their tickets, they said yes and gave them to us. The lady scanning our tickets looked at us with hesitation but could see the hopefulness in our eyes.

“Just go.” she said

Best. Birthday. Ever.