Everything But Ordinary

When you walk into a room and,
Your presence fills the ambiance with elegance and grace.
The words you speak make the world turn their heads,
Everyone has ideas,
But we can’t seem to validate their relevance.
But your ideas speak for themselves with no validation needed.
I wish I could see the world the way that you do.
How you can see everything for what it really is,
And still not let it taint your optimistic perceptions?
How are you so thankful for your past,
Even for the times that have caused you countless sleepless nights,
How are you still so hopeful for the future?
I wish I was like you.
Instead of the unknown terrifying you,
It drives you.
Anyone that crosses your path is drawn to whatever it is that makes you,
& I’m starting to realize,
It’s because you’re everything but

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