Raw Emotion

I feel sad.

because today,

today I am going to walk away from something that has brought me so much,

so much happiness,

yet an inexplicable amount of pain.

I have sat down and allowed myself to feel every emotion,

allowed myself to feel so deeply,

that I may truly understand,

truly understand,

what is best for me

and what is best for what I am letting go,

You see there are things we don’t understand,

and things we choose not to,

Its important to know the difference between the two,

in order to make a bold decision you must first,

teach yourself what you do not understand,

and second,

accept the things that at one point,  you chose not to,

but behind all of this confusion,

I see a silver lining,

a small light in the distance,

it’s not much,

but it’s still something,

a small flame lighting up a dark room,

an inkling of hope,

that one day,

one day I will find my way to that light,

find my way back to the happiness I once felt

I know i’ll find my way back,

and when I do,

it will be the right time.

When there is no more room for pain,

just love.

You see, if there is a breeze in that dark room,

that flame has potential to go out,

but if you wait to light the flame at the right time,

when the breeze is absent,

that flame will last.

and it will be beautiful.

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