Pattern of the Millennials

 Somehow there is never anything to wear in a closet full of clothes,
Not enough TV shows to watch on over 1,000 stations,
An Inadequate amount of attention to fill the void, even with hundreds of followers on social media,
*It upsets me.
& you know what I’ve noticed?
*It’s okay to be angry;
Things only got this bad because we let them.
*We didn’t question,
We just accepted that things were just going to be this way now & we should evolve with the world around us.
But we aren’t evolving-
*We’re stuck.
Stuck In our own heads thinking there isn’t enough & that there will never BE enough;
Because something better will always be out there.
But that’s where we are wrong.
Our society influenced us to construct a defective illusion in our heads of what being “enough” really is, so in the end we always end up wanting more.

We have allowed ourselves to be accustomed to this Pattern


This now, a way of life,


 So many people fall short of others approval because today;
*Nothing is enough.
Image is everything & it won’t change..
*Because we won’t change.

One thought on “Pattern of the Millennials

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