What makes us Lucky?

Some might argue it’s finding an extra 5 dollars in your pocket or

Running into someone that completely changed your perception of what life really is

Getting the job over the other guy that was WAY more overqualified than you were.


I think that’s pretty lucky.

But ultimately Luck to me is something that you create within yourself

Now if this post wasn’t enough of a cliche already, get ready for it

Without the letter U, the word luck would’nt even be remotely close to the same word

In fact it wouldn’t even pass as a word.

Just letters.

Like they say “There is no I in team”

There’s no luck without the letter “U”.

And even though luck doesn’t start with “U”, it still makes the word what it is.

If you have a hard time finding luck, or consider yourself “unlucky”

What can yoU do to change that?

What can YoU do to remove yourself from this reoccurring Pattern

We all have to deal with the hand we are dealt, whether we like it or not.

But what people don’t unerstand is that more than often, we are able to choose what cards we play with.

We are able to chose what situations and what goals we want to achieve.

Even if it doesnt turn out the way we want, we know what to do next time to make it better.

Granted, there are always things that we have no control over that happen,

But it’s up to us to learn from them

& create our own lUck.


2 thoughts on “lUck

  1. Beautiful and love the line …There’s no luck without the letter “U”.
    And that makes my 17I’s to make your own Luck more meaningful. What do you say?

    Liked by 1 person

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