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Words. Words. Words.

An endless Marathon of false hope, unattainable aspirations, and meaningless emotions.

Regardless there is a bright side.

It seems as though it never ends, and by it I mean a point in time where humanity seems to fail you.

When your confidant, your main squeeze, partner in crime.. whatever you call that person, lets you down, it seems as though everything else comes tumbling along with it.

Emotion rules our logic.

SO even when we are face first in a tub of ice cream that’s drowning in our tears, we still think we are being rational.

Seems like the logical thing to do, then come the stomach cramps, and unwanted bathroom trips.

Life goes on, then before you realize, you’re over it.

Then BOOM.

Someone else starts throwing rotten vegetables at your optimism while booing you off the stage, and your views of humanity are spoiled, and tainted once again.


There is a bright side.

You know why?

Because no matter how much of a Marathon life may be.

People will always surprise you 🙂


3 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. True life is a long long race! Even a marathon ends with a winner and loosers. Why is everything to be judged? Why cant we just walk alone in our own race and be the winner always. I am an optimistic animal from my heart but why is the brain so pessimistic?


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