What is Life Without Sincerity?

Think about it though, what’s the point of doing anything if we don’t mean it? Whether it is doing something out of spite, doing something because it is the right thing, or maybe just because it’s just what everyone else is doing.

Whatever you are pursuing, once you remove it’s meaning it’s for nothing. We obviously have to do certain things to fulfill the status quo, like paying our bills, renewing our car registration ect. but to go through school lacking sincerity, to sit at work wishing you were somewhere else, or telling someone you love them just not to hurt their feelings, that is a hamartia rooted within many of us.


To be Sincere is to be  free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings. If you’re okay with paying off student loans for years after your graduation date doing something you “sort of like” then go for it, but life does not forgive, and time is not elastic.

If you despise your job, do something about it, instead of trying to convince yourself that it’s not that bad.

As for love, don’t focus on perfection, because as long as it is real, it will always prevail.

The thing about being sincere, to others, to ourselves most importantly, is that it will always push us in the direction we were meant to go.

It is important to follow logic, but emotion drives ambition and steps on the gas a little harder than logic ever will.

You deserve sincerity, we all do.


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