Keyword CAREful

With anything you do you must be Careful, no matter how cautious you think you are, situations always change. Now I am preaching something most of you may already know but let’s be real, we never really know why something happens, and if we see it coming we obviously stayed for a reason. This reason can be something that gave us hope and stopped us from walking away, or just because we are that stubborn. Whatever it is, it already happened and life will happily go on without you, so if you saw it coming or not you can never be too careful. Now for those of you who are too careful, don’t let that intervene with your happiness, because that was me too. I was too careful to the point where I was suffocated with boredom, and now that I have had a taste of letting loose, I have let myself become careless. Don’t make that mistake and find an equilibrium, you can be happy and careful, as long as you have that balance.

Take Care


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