Here & Now

To be honest I wish I wasn’t here right now. You always hear about how people don’t live in the moment enough, but that’s never been a problem for me. One of my fatal flaws is actually living in the moment so much that I feel almost everything 10x more than I should, happiness, excitement, what have you. I know what you’re thinking, why is it bad to feel really happy? Well I am not talking about the good times because I would never not want to completely feel those, but I am talking about the bad times.

When things go South, in that moment I fully feel everything. It’s too much. I do a good job at keeping my cool even though my mind is a racetrack and my anxiety continues to sky rocket. I wish I didn’t care about most of the little things that I care about, but it’s not like I could pick and choose how I was going to be.

So this is what I got, and I care so much because I believe I am meant to do something with it in this world even if it hurts me every now and then. I am meant to use all this excess emotion for something, and for other people like me, we love to give and are okay with not receiving. We are all stronger than we think, and don’t realize what we tolerate and how much until after the fact. Learn from everything you experience and embrace how it makes you feel because these are all stepping stones towards improving your character. Accepting what it is has helped me learn how to cope in certain situations.

But we still get tired. So as long as you know how much is too much, you’ll be fine. I’m being very vague, but interpret my words however you want. Interpret them in a way that applies to YOU.

When I first started writing this prompt, I didn’t want to be here, then I made a friend.


Live in the Here and Now and allow yourself to feel all of it, instead of running away from it.


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