Get it Together!


Ride or Die

Together just a guy and his board. I took this shot, in a hidden skate park I discovered right across Davenport beach, just outside of Santa Cruz, California. Together has an array of meanings. It can mean at the same time, or to be self confident and level headed. Well this skater filled the criteria for both definitions. As he skated, the board and him were constantly in unison. He turned, it turned, he fell, it fell. The skater was well aware of the consequences but he still had the confidence to go for it, he was going to make that kick flip if it was the last thing he did. After falling a couple times and walking off the discomfort he got back to it. We should all follow his example and get it together when it’s necessary. We weren’t born knowing how to kick flip, cook, use that new program your job switched to.. ect. Point being, just walk it off, because if you keep at it, you’ll get it together eventually.


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