The Beauty of Innocence.


Ocean Beach, San Francisco

We all have that one picture of us as kids, that made us look back and say “I will never forget this day, it was a good one.” I noticed a pattern as I got older, and there aren’t as many of those pictures in my more frequent albums. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of good times, but the enjoyment levels weren’t the same.

The father in this picture finds utter happiness in seeing his son enjoy himself at the beach. Although as a parent worries, is an understatement, and your child’s safety is important. The father can’t help but think- “I Can’t let him stray too far though, the tides can get high so staying close is ideal.” The child on the other hand believes he’s unstoppable. Throwing his arms out as if challenging the ocean to a battle. Just embracing every minute of this moment. Instead of being the boy in this picture, we are the person who we have grown into. This is normal but there are times where you need to allow yourself to indulge in the moment and be happy.

Can you remember the last time you had so much fun that you lost track of time?

Unfortunately, this world is tough, and we grow up in it along with all of its beauties, and flaws. We tend to lose the ability to have fun as we age.Our perception of things are altered by the situations we encounter, and in some cases this results in lack of enjoyment.

It’s hard to have a good time when you’re an adult because there’s an endless list of priorities you’re obligated to fulfill, from paying bills to putting coins in the parking meter. Or in other words, deadlines, deadlines, and yup you guessed it, deadlines!

If there is anything a child has over an adult, it is the ability to fully immerse themselves in utter happiness. No interruptions, no second thoughts, just euphoria. That my friends, is the power of innocence. When time is flexible and irrelevant. Feeling as if it’s okay to stay at the beach all day, and not having to consider the consequences, because in your world, there weren’t any.

Challenge yourself and try to be the child in this photo. Go and take a break from the noisy commotion of this world and allow yourself to have fun. It’s okay to put life on mute every once in a while. We ruin many beautiful things in our lives because we’re constantly asking for more, causing us to blind ourselves with our misconceptions. Take some time to appreciate what makes you happy, and allow yourself to actually enjoy it.

A beautiful day at the beach, featuring a loving father and his jubilant son.



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