Treasure Islands Hidden Gem

With Halloween just around the corner, scary movies airing on TV more frequently, and novelty fall items going on sale at your local drug store, you may be getting excited about this coming Halloween holiday. Now this holiday isn’t for everyone, not many people enjoy the “thrill” of getting scared. Although if you like to discover new spots, here’s one that’ll make your heart rate pump a little faster than usual. Treasure Island, is an island located in the San Francisco bay. This island is a well known tourist attraction, but there are many obvious hidden gems that you may be driving past without even knowing. One of these obvious hidden gems is the abandoned high school located on the island. There’s a high school on Treasure Island? The answer is yes! It is actually a couple of the few first buildings you will see once you enter the island. If you didn’t think it could get anymore obvious there’s actually not one, but two huge buildings that make up this school. What doesn’t give this spot away is the vast empty parking lot that isn’t the most appealing thing to look at, followed by an old paint job and boarded up windows. Now what’s so cool about an abandoned high school? For one it’s architectural design is so intricate that I can assure you, it is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Secondly you are surrounded by some awesome graffiti art. Each room is different with all kinds of art that constantly give you something new to look at. Lastly if you like getting spooked, this is a prime creepy spot to visit. I personally have not witnessed any paranormal activity.. yet, but some areas of the high school definitely gave me uneasy feelings. So if you’re in the Bay Area looking for something a little different, that gives you the jitters, this is the spot for you.


One thought on “Treasure Islands Hidden Gem

  1. Just awesome , really has an eye for showing things in a different light. Love the blog!!


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